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Expanding your business internationally with a trusted partner with multi-disciplinary skills in commerce,

legislation and logistics, and whom also could bridge the gap of cultural and language challenge while your

team focuses on core business. Our services and advice could be tailored according to the specific challenges your business is facing while expanding in these markets. Our approach is the internationally R-A-P-I-D approach:

  • READY : Is your product/Service ready for other markets?

  • ABSORB : Absorb and analyze market trends we will share with you and your team

  • PRIORITIZE : Use market intelligence advice to prioritize your markets and actions.

  • INTERACT : Visit your market, select your partners and interact with your customer.

  • DEVELOP : Create a strategy and form a strong team to achieve your commercial goals

AIC will support and help you execute the RAPID approach through various services to implement.

the right strategy and achieve your international expansion goals.

Market Research and Analysis:

  • Conduct in-depth market research to assess the potential of which GCC countries are more suitable for your business, including market size, growth trends, and competitive landscape.

  • Analyze industry-specific data to identify opportunities and challenges in the target sector/country.

  • Evaluate consumer behavior, preferences, and purchasing power to tailor market entry strategies.

Validation Visit & Market Entry Strategy:

  • Arrange a validation visit to explore possibilities and evaluate opportunities. 

  • Provide guidance on selecting the optimal GCC country for expansion based on market dynamics and regulatory considerations.

  • Develop a customized market entry strategy based on the company's goals and resources.

  • Recommend the most suitable market entry mode, such as joint ventures, partnerships, franchising, or establishing a local presence.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Navigate the complex regulatory environment of the GCC region, including trade regulations, customs, and import/export requirements.

  • Assist with the necessary permits, licenses, and approvals needed to operate legally in the target market.

Business Setup and Legal Support:

  • Help with company incorporation, registration, and licensing procedures in the chosen GCC country.

  • Advise on legal structures, ownership restrictions, and corporate governance practices.

  • Draft and review contracts and agreements, ensuring compliance with local laws.

Market Entry Partnerships & JV’s

  • Identify potential local partners, distributors, or agents to facilitate market entry.

  • Negotiate and establish partnerships or distribution agreements on behalf of the company.

  • Provide guidance on due diligence and risk assessment when selecting partners.

Financial Planning and Investment

  • Conduct financial feasibility studies to assess the investment required for expansion.

  • Develop detailed financial projections, budgets, and investment plans.

  • Assist in securing financing or investment from local sources or international institutions.

Operational Support

  • Offer operational and supply chain optimization services to streamline business processes.

  • Help set up local offices or facilities and manage logistics, procurement, and inventory.

  • Provide guidance on hiring, staffing, and talent acquisition in the GCC market.

Marketing and Branding

  • Create a marketing strategy tailored to the GCC market, considering cultural nuances and consumer preferences.

  • Develop localized marketing campaigns, digital marketing strategies, and brand positioning.

  • Assist with product localization and adaptation to meet local market demands.

Cultural and Language Adaptation

  • Provide cultural sensitivity training for employees to navigate cultural differences effectively.

  • Offer translation and localization services for marketing materials, contracts, and communications.

Conference Representation and Trade Missions support

  • Provide representation and promotion during conferences. 

  • Support during trade missions

Performance Measurement and Evaluation

  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring mechanisms to track the success of the expansion.

  • Regularly evaluate market performance and adjust strategies as needed to ensure long-term success.

Business incubation

  • AIC offers support to Companies and organizations during the pre-start and early start stages in any of the GCC countries from office space to logistics and on-ground support.

  • Facilitate B2B meetings and government sector meetings.

Market Entry & Expansion

Are you a medium or small business seeking international expansion in the GCC region and do not have the right team or do not want to expand your team until you land a project, or evaluate the opportunity?

AIC will be your team. It is a common challenge faced by many businesses - not having the right team in place for international expansion or being hesitant to expand the team before securing a project or assessing the opportunity. We understand the resource limitations, challenges, and complexities.

As the global economic growth shifts from the developed economies to the developing economies especially the growing GCC countries Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt and other MENA countries. The region offers a diverse and dynamic market, and therefore the challenges and opportunities vary, depending on the sector. Therefore, International companies need a new and adaptive strategies to expand and thrive in such markets. AIC Network offers a strategic, sophisticated combination of consulting, and a collaborative approach, result-oriented and advisory role to instrumentally construct the best market entry plan to suit your business.

How We Can Help You

  • Recommend an entry plan based on current industry trends and competitive dynamics.

  • Determine strategic partners i.e., agent/distributor agreements, licensing, value added resellers, technology transfer, and joint ventures.

  • Contact qualified prospects discreetly and confidentially managing the due diligence process.

  • Business-negotiation services and finalization of contractual terms through to closing.

  • Facilitate introductions and meetings between the client and individual providing interpretation in meetings and documents translation.

  • Opportunity evaluation

  • Partner/Competitor search

  • Market Validation Visit

  • Location analysis

  • Trade Events Participation

  • Trade Mission Support/Parallel Meetings

  • Company Incorporation and Trademark Filling

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